The stories below have all received mini-reviews, i.e. one- or two-paragraph writeups of what I thought of them when reading them in the context of "for-fun reading" as opposed to "reading for reviewing purposes."  Don't get me wrong, I like reading the stuff I review too; I'm just trying to get across that these reviews don't go as far in-depth as the 6-Star and Fandom Classics reviews do. 

Several of the stories here, particularly the ones from my first few mini-reviews when I didn't have much of a long-term plan, are popular enough that they could have been reviewed as Fandom Classics if that had been a thing I'd been doing at the time. Just in case you're wondering why they didn't merit their own posts.

Header links are to the reviews; story name links are to the stories themselves.

Round 1
The True Legend of S. Guard, by Solar Phoenix
Pro Corvoby RavensDagger
Warmth, by Dark Avenger
Two Nights in Hoofingtonby Swashbucklist
As the Sun Sets, by Mystic
Bing Bang Zam!, by Pegasus Rescue Brigade
Checkmates, by xjuggernaughtx

Round 2
Author, Author!, by Pascoite
A Final Question, by Grayson Gears
Blueblood's Blush, by Marcella Howard
Elements of Excess, by cleverpun
The Last Tears in Tartarus, by shortskirtsandexplosions
George Bush Invades Equestria, by Crass McWriter

Round 3
The Flight of the Alicornby Ponydora Prancypants
Can't Chose Your Family, by CyborgSamurai
Hard Reset, by Eakin
Of Skies Long Forgotten, by The 24th Pegasus

Round 4
Certain Advantages, by The Descendant
Applejack Anonymous, by Clavier
The Lessons of Eternity, by Fedora Mask
Seriously?, by RainbowBob

Round 5
And I Shall Name Them "Cuppins", by Bob from Bottles
A Door Jam, by xjuggernaughtx
Shorts, by Cold in Gardez

Round 6
Dinky's First Kill, by PresentPerfect
The Sound of Sunlight, by Chicken Vortex
Derplicityby Jeffery C. Wells
Lord of the Rings Return of the Ponies, by Stainless Steel Fox

Round 7
The Syndicate, by Bok
Biblical Monsters, by Horse Voice
A Hyena's Laugh, by Burraku_Pansa

Round 8
The Fight for Cranberry Hill, by Insert Pen Name
Clop It!, by PrettyMonster
The Numbers Don't Lieby shortskirtsandexplosions
Three Hundred and Fifty, by Void Chicken

Round 9
Rainbow Typhoon, by Nonsanity
Old Friends, by RBDash47
I Aloneby Razgriz557

Round 10
Mission: Implausible, by John Perry
Two Beats, by NickNack
Mortal, by BenMan

Round 11
Applejack is Full of Squirrelsby shortskirtsandexplosions
The OC Support Group, by M1ghtypen
Somepony Else's Story, by OtterMatt
Edited By, by TheBandBrony

Round 12
Tears of an Empty Sky, by Norrie McFly
The Not So Odd Outcast, by JJGingerHooves

Round 13
The Trouble With Phoenixes, by Cold in Gardez
Infalliableby Pegasus Rescue Brigade
The Keepers of Discord, by Hoopy McGee

Round 14
Shutdown, by CupcakesNom
Villaintine's Day, by Swashbucklist

Round 15
Flashes on the Horizon, by Goblin Scribe
A Single Step, by darf
In Quintuple Time, by HoofBitingActionOverload
Tired, by Ebon Mane

Round 16
Pick-Me-Up, by Enter Madness
Words., by Dsarker

Round 17
The Voice of Reason, by Pascoite

Round 18
A Breakfast of Time Loops, by Obsolescence
Mother of Nations, by Benman
Royal Decree, by Starswirls Beard

Round 19
Pinnacle, by CoolStoryBrony
The Unsuitable, by Gabriel LaVedier
Looking Lively, by SleeplessBrony
A Sun Without a Moon, by Mourning Zephyr 

Round 20
Reading Room #36, by Flashgen
The Lanternby Cold in Gardez
The Face Takers, by shortskirtsandexplosions
More Than You Know, by Obselesence
Red, if at all Possible, by ChaoticHarmony

Round 21
H, by Silverstein
Teacher's Pet, by Pascoite
Celestia and Luna's Day Off, by Soothing Stone

Round 22
Let Them Eat Cakeby Ogopogo
Cloud Stories, by Bob from Bottles

Round 23
Cross Wordsby Alaborn
What Happened to the Orange Frog?by Lord Smoked Meats and Fishes
Spike on Strikeby Sarcasmo

Round 24
Daring Don't, by Flynt Coal 
Until the Moon Rises, by AdrianVesper
Pilgrimageby Pascoite
The Never-Was and Wouldn't-Be, by Obselescensce

Round 25
Power Surgeby Kapuchu

Round 26
A Hearth's Warming Carol, by Butterscotch Cream
Happy Ending, by Bad Horse

Round 27
Glory, by Rune Soldier Dan
Twilight is Doomedby Akumakegetsu
Small-Town Charm, by Cold in Gardez

Round 28
An Average Deliveryby TheBrianJ
The Riddle, by Golden Vision
Harvest Festival, by Admiral Biscuit

Round 29
Trixcord, by RTStevens
Ponies Are Like Catsby Archmage Ludicrous
The Wrong Fork, by PoweredByTea

Round 30
Hooves of Clay, by iisaw
Bonafideby Sharp Spark

Round 31
Day Dreams and Nightmaresby Warren Hutch
Dream a Dreamby Jaestring
Philomeanie, by Skywriter
Luna's Landingby thescentedllamaofdoom
Thou Goddess, by horizon
Discord Comicsby Silent Strider

Round 32
The Boy Who Cried Wolf, by InquisitorM
Bitter Harvestby Esle Ynopemos

Round 33
A Hiccup in Time, by Pascoite
Glimmerhorn Vale, by Abalidoth
The Collected Poems of Maud Pie, by Titanium Dragon

Round 34
Three Nights, by Bradel
A Gift Fit For A Princess, by Bad_Seed_72
Numbers, by Pastel Pony

Round 35
My Sediments Exactlyby Twinkletail
One Tenth-Bit, by Estee
The Railway Ponies: Highball, by The Descendant
(The Most Inappropriate) Hearthswarming Stories for Foals, by Biochi

Round 36
Fahr Drill, by MyHobby
Daring Dam, by Shortskirtsandexplosions

Round 37
Riddle of the Ages, by Phil Srobeighn
Trixie Lulamoon, Prodigy, by Akumokagetsu
Void, by Jorofarie

Round 37 (again, because I didn't notice at the time and I'm too lazy to go correct every single mini-review's number since then)
Despicable Blue, by Einhander
The Six Deeds of Harmony, by Defoloce
The Long Delivery, by Not a pipe
Scootaloo Dies a Bunch, by Alexmagnet

Round 38
Blinded by Fashion, by Esle Ynopemos
The Library of Discord, by Chinchillax

Round 39
Groundbreaking, by Augiedog

Round 40
If Memory Serves, by Pascoite
ACT OF WILL, by PresentPerfect
If You Came to Conquer, by cleverpun
The Council of Friendship, by Drake Clawfang

Round 41
Lulamoon's Castle, by Bookish Delight
Dear Friend, by Estee

Round 42
A Hell of a Time, by Aragon
Discord's Dayby SpinelStride

Round 43
Spring is Dumbby HoofBitingActionOverload
Legality Abnormality, by alexmagnet

Round 44

Round 45
To Love the Sun, by Magello
Far from the Tree, by Aquaman
For Whom We are Hungry, by Cold in Gardez
In the Place the Wild Horses Sleep, by Lucky Dreams

Round 46
Celestia Hates the Sun, by Masterweaver
Twilightningby Bok

Round 47
And We Are Not Yet Savedby Grey Heather
Twilight Verbs Article Nouns, by Lapis-Lazuli and Inky J
The Rose, by Bradel
The Ultimate Alicorn, by Cerulean Voice

Round 48
Worth It, by Pascoite
Princess Trixie, by alexmagnet

Round 49
A Moment In the Sunlight, by ArcheonZ
Today is a Good Day to Dieby Aragon
The Incandescent Brilliance, by KitsuneRisu

Round 50
Rise, by Blueshift
Moot Modelby Sarcasmo
Let Them Eat Grass, by Cloudhammer

Round 51
Appletheosis, by DuncanR
Sporkleby Seether00
Pride, by InquisitorM

Round 52
The Carrot Dog Fight, by xjuggernaughtx
Twilight Sparkle Tries Napping in a Tree, by Lightning Bearer

Round 53
Hello, My Name Is, by LoyalLiar
Fugue State, by horizon
Ruled by Sin, by Pearple Prose

Round 54
The Adventures of Sweetie_Belle.jpg, by Dash the Stampede
Breaking News and Weatherby Pineta
Concessions, by Chuckfinley

Round 55
My Domestic Equestria, by Pascoite
Warmongering, by BronyWriter
Twilight Attends Parliament, by Anonymoose

Round 56
Old Friends, by Bad Horse
The Fraternal Brotherhood of Mann, by Insert Pen Name
Dust, by Pearple Prose

Round 57
Blank Book, by Regidar
Leviathan, by Horse Voice
Chess, by KitsuneRisu

Round 58
The New Cropby xjuggernaughtx
Stealing the Deed, by Justice4243
Twilight Buys a Toaster, by Cloud Hop

Round 59
Foreignerby AugieDog
The Lotus Eaters, by horizon
Prince Blueblood Wants His Wings Back, by ocalhoun

Round 60
Not In Bluff Nor Bravado Nor Loneliness, by Vivid Syntax
Ponies Protecting Ponies, by Venates

Round 61
Mr. Lonelyheart Meets Miss Lovestruck, by scoots2
Sinners in the Hooves of an Angry Goddess, by Avox
You Really Bug Me, by Bronydad

Round 62
Late Fees, by MrNumbers
We'll Dismember You For It, Wholesale!, by Chuckfinley
Changelingby CCC

Round 63
An Earth Pony Thing, by Mudpony
Octavia Hates Her Toothpaste, by Cloud Hop

Round 64
Chrysalis Works at Quills and Sofasby Majin Syeekoh
Pinkie Pie Styleby Moabite
For Ages and Ages to Come, by Jade Ring

Round 65
A Good Princess,  by HoofBitingActionOverload
Primal Fearby Aragon
Necro-Semantics, by Wise Cracker

Round 66
Kiss by Wire, by Bachivellian
Applejack Goes to Magic School for Some Reason, by JasonTheHuman
Dirty Prancing, by PresentPerfect

Round 67
My Little Economy Economics is Science, by mylittleeconomy
You're Doing It Wrong, by The Ravager
There Is No Luna, by a human

Round 68
The Principal of Superposition, by HazardPony
Thy Words, by Lady Grey
Ocean, by Church
What We Wanted to Do, by Cold in Gardez

Round 69
The Importance of Proper Diplomacy when Engaging Rival Governments for the Purposes of an Official Treaty, by Exilo
Honey Pie, by Deistar
Spiders and Famine, by BewhoUr

Round 70
Featured on 8/31/1014!, by AlexMagnet
Furyby JusticeSnake
The Cancellation of Prince Blueblood, by Georg
Rainbow Dash Digs Herself Into a Holeby Thanqol

Round 71
The Stormclouds Beneath Your Hooves, by Scramblers and Shadows
Muskrat Loveby Alaborn
Echo, by Eskerata

Round 72
Up Thereby Miller Minus
Cinder Claws: The Caribou Legend of Kol-Klor, by Xepher
A Day in the Life of the First Ponyville Theatre Troupeby TheColorGreen
Who Needs to Talk?, by Peter Yellowhammer

Round 73
Princess Cadance Turns Right, by Between Lines
Solaceby Violet Blaze
A Little Sore, by Carnivale

Round 74
Hoardsmiths, by Skywriter
Rebirth, by ObeySaturnGod
The Second Tiara, by Fervidor

Round 75
Compassion, by Comet Burst
Goodbyeby enti0
Our Professional Lives, by abandoned2123
Blooperschnarden, by Filler

Round 76
The Mailmare, by Bad Horse
An in-depth guide to better writing, by ErraticOverlord
Luna, Princess of Spaceby Chuckfinley

Round 77
Method Acting, by Pascoite
Cheese 'n Crackers, by Shotoman
...And Borrowing Dulls The Edge Of Husbandry, by Softy8088

Round 78
Together We Can Name This Townby Justice4243
One Fine Day at Quills and Sofas, by MyBoyJ
Brontideby calmcalmcalm

Round 79
Blackacre, by Princess Woona
Fridge Horror, by Aragon

Round 80
Six Best Friends Play Diplomacyby DagaYemar
For want of a book, by Hoopy McGee
Election Day, by Alaborn

Round 81
Rest in Chaosby DannyJ
Spider Candy Dareby Lilsane
Rainbownomicon, by Void Chicken

Round 82
Diary of a Rulerby Lamia
Death By Dragon, by Compendium of Steve
Monsters, by Sharpe Quill 

Round 83
Starswirl and the Purple Terror, by ValdimarGreen
Horn Marrow, by Sapidus3
The Symposiumby Orbiting Kettle

Round 84
I Loath Having to Make My Literary Work Meet the Public's Taste, by McDronePone
"Cumin," Sighed Rainbow Dash, by GroaningGreyAgony
Shedding Anxiety, by Just Horsing Around

Round 85
Aethia, by Malckeor
Iron Hearts Book 2 - Ferrous Dominus, by SFAccountant

Round 86
Remember Meby Avox
The Ballad of Barrakan the Whiteby kalash93
Mr. Brannigan's Ghosts, by Moose Mage
Lily Valley Goes Shoppingby AJ Aficionado

Round 87
The Regaliaby Autumn Wind
Verse Averse: Tales of the Versebreakers, by various authors

Round 88
We Who With Songs Beguile, by Loganberry
Equestria: A History Revealed, by Hoofry_Poneigher
Applejack Balances Her Books, by sparklepeep

Round 89
Records of an Academy Disasterby Fahrenheit
Kafka-esque, by Noir de Plume
The Lord and the Stallion, by StalkerPony

Round 90
2+2=5, by plumander
I, Paladin, by InquisitorM
The Bonds of Immortalsby Subsolar Drift

Round 91
A Couple of Tossersby PresentPerfect
Rootsby LittleSallyDigsby
The Pit, by CptBrony

Round 92
Dixie, by heptaPon
The Fallacy of Epiphany, by RazgrizS57
Starshine Lilies, by Starlight Shadow

Round 93
Politics By Other Means, by totallynotabrony
Yaks Not Ponies, by Metool Bard
Declaring War?  Really?, by Tawny Flower
Yaks Are Jerksby Avox

Round 94
Kilroy Was Here, by NorthCrusader
Peristeronic, by Hawattie

Round 95
Lyrid, by Corejo
The World Famous Flim Flam Brothers' Traveling Menagerie, by Sage Runner
Why Can't Rainbow Dash Manage To Become A Princess?, by Autumn Bramble

Round 96
Arthurian—The Black King, by Wellspring
The Flower's Dream, by Fanofmosteverything
The Taxeningby Admiral Biscuit

Round 97
The Fundraiserby Karrakaz
Pip, by Invictus

Round 98
All in the Presentationby Pineta
In Amber Clad, by Word Worthy
Monsters, by RarityEQM

Round 99
The One Who Got Away, by Georg
To Dethrone A Princessby Codex Ex Equus
The Legend of the Scorpion Queen, by cursedchords

Round 100
Divenire, by The Wizard of Words
Scientific Progress Goes Crash, by Drax
The Trials Three, by NorsePony

Round 101
"I'm great fun at parties, I swear!" by Raugos
The Trouble With Fifth Graders, by ThatOneWriter
Running Free Across the Plain, by The Hat Man

Round 102
Yak to the Future, by hazyhooves
One Heck of a Case, by iisaw
To My, Mostly, Faithful Student, by Stormdancer

Round 103
Stuffed Animalsby Kthecasual
The Problem with the Princess of Magic, by Feedbacker
I Don't Know If I'm Real..., by North

Round 104
How the Foundation Ruined Nightmare Night, by Drefsab
Daring Do and the Tiny Tornado, by Metool Bard
Words Unspoken, by wille179

Round 105
Seven Thousand, Seven Hundred and Eighty-two, by Educated Guess
The Normal Oneby Shotoman
Please Open The Door, by naturalbornderpy

Round 106
I Can't Stay For Long, by naturalbornderpy
Lest We Remember, by KingMoriarty
Post-Posthumousby totallynotabrony

Round 107
Yes, It Matters, by RealityCheck
What Matters More, by Palm Pallette
Do It Mattered If I Is?, by KitsuneRisu
Rainbow Dash's Super-Awesome Self-Insert Figures Out If It Would Matter, by Ponichaeism

Round 108
A White Mare, by RandomBlank
Cold Hearted, by Europa
Princess Twilight's Omnicultural Multi-ethnic All-encompassing Defense Force, by Anatinus  -  1 chapter (about 9%)

On Target, by Kestrel
My Path, by Silver Moon

Tastes Like Heresy, by Bugsydor
Sundowner Seasonby Cherax

The Royal Proposal, by Everyday

Help, by Daemon of Decay
Schadenfreude, by Daemon McRae
The Misfile, by Alexstrazsa

Fermentationby Orbiting Kettle
Language Barriers, by Silver Tongue

The Rainbow Pony, by Level Dasher
An Equestrian Griffon, by MyHobby
Insufficient Postage, by RazGrizS57

Cadance in Eb Aeolian, by Super Trampoline
Applejack's Little Tree, by Lise Eclaire

For the Birdsby Pascoite
Dinkin' Doughnuts, by Pascoite
Naval Gazing, by Pascoite

Triptych, by Daetrin
Babel, by Cold in Gardez

Round 119
Fluttershy's Extremely Odd Jobs, by MythrilMoth
Shub-Cadurothby PresentPerfect
Princess Celestia's Legendary Litany of Laughable Losses, by Prak

Round 120
The Ancient Heart of the Everwood Dragon, by Grey Fairie
Home is for the Weak, by Pickleless

Round 121
Unicorns Are Magical, by wille179
The Monster of the Hive, by Charon the Chronicler
Daring Do and the Curse of Ahuizotl, by Horizon

Round 122
The Guard Dog Paradox, by Metool Bard
A Bug's Life, by Honeycomb
Funatics, by Baal Bunny

Round 123
Why Don't You Tell Them?, by Titanium Dragon
Upon the Black Beach of the Styx, by Smoker
Thunderstorm and the Four Winds, by Carabas

Round 124
Sweet Desires, by David Silver
Lilies of the Field, by Hap

Round 125
Twilight Sparkle Solves Love, by Biplane
If Horses Had Gods, by Ponky

Round 126
Memories of Shadow, by Distaff Pope
Wild Cardby Akumokagetsu
The Smile, by ToShyShy

Round 127
The Alicorn Curse, by chillbook1
Grogar: A Hearth's Warming Horror Story, by Jade Ring
The Yak War: Before and After, by LordBrony2040

Round 128
Everypony Livesby Chinchillax
Cyclicality, by DwarvishPony

Round 129
Ponies are squishy, by Erised the ink-moth
It Was a Dark and Stormy Night, by Erisn
The Kindness of Strangersby Llyander

Round 130
Octavia and Vinyl Can't Club, by Timesplitter
The Visiting Hour, by Horse Voice
Let Go, by Gigabowser

Round 131
Snuggle Bug, by Overload
Fallen Foes, by The Cyan Recluse
A Girl Walks Home Alone At Midnight, by Jade Ring

Round 132
Swine Flew, by Blue Print
The Snailmancer and the Long Winter, by HareTrinity
The Great Equestrian Picture Book, by Church

Round 133
The Three Travelers, by Caerdwyn
My Mountainby LunaUsesCaps

Round 134
Silverponies, by Scribblestick
Sea Swirl's Submarine, by Mudpony
Heirlooms, by Rocinate

Round 135
Good Intentions, by Just Horsing Around
Subjunctive, by Integral Archer
Thorn of the Rose, by BlackRoseRaven

Round 136
Chapter's End, by Bluegrass Bloke
Life is Precious, by BronyDad
Cream and Sugar, by OnionPie

Round 137
Memory Lapse, by Psyga315
Rarity's Fashion Alman-yak, by Ceffyl Dwr
The Royal Wedding, by uSea

Round 138
101 Heinous Crimes Perpetrated by King Sombra, by KingMoriarty
Mare of Many Hats, by Skywriter
Monarchy of Carrots, by Seventh Heaven

Round 139
Iron Hearts: Book 3 - The Sept Lamman, by SFaccountant
Iron Hearts: Book 4 - Emerald Dawn, by SFaccountant

Round 140
Rainbow Dash and the Wild Hunt, by Norsepony
At Least There Was Good Coffee, by PartyPie
Celestia lays an egg, by TheSexyMenhir

Round 141
Best Friends, Too, by shortskirtsandexplosions
A Toast to Friendship, by Esle Ynopemos
Still Life, by SugarPesticide

Round 142
The Only Day, by naturalbornderpy
Special Relativity, by Melon Hunter
I'll See You to Shore, by Educated Guess

Round 143
Arcadia, by Blueshift
On the Historical Significance of Battle Lederhosen, by MrNumbers

Round 144
Twilight Sparkle Does Not Like Bees, by Honey Mead
Grey, by Foehn
Patience, She Said, by TheMessenger

Round 145
Shining Armor's Amour's Armour, by Loganberry
Whatever Happened to Starswirl the Bearded?, by chillbook1
Daring-Do & The Rookie Editor, by Naughty_Ranko

Round 146
What Goes Up, by PegasusMesa
Roar, by Loyal
Iron Hearts: Book 5 - Suffer Not the Alien to Live, by SFAccountant

Round 147
Small Stick Diplomacy, by SecretAgentPlotTwist
The Lost Treasure, by Gulheru
Numberography, by ph00tbag

Round 148
Cauldron Club, by Biplane
Garden, Garden, Burning Bright, by Derpyland
Line Up!, by Maddiepink5

Round 149
Pinprick, by SusieBeeca
Hear the Baby Laughing, by Aragon

Round 150
The Fool's Gambit, by derpyland
Minuette Sleeps Her Way To The Top, by Lise Eclaire
Final Draft, by Post Script

Round 151
Hurricane's Way, by ZOMG
Retroactive Ethical Tangent Conversion/Obliteration Nationals, by Masterweaver
A Union of Love..., by Daftpony

Round 152
Torpidityby Chryssi
Do what comes naturally, by Captain Wuzz
The Problem With Genie Magic, by chillbook1

Round 153
Do No Harm,  by Holy
Interrogation Box, by Beige Monkfish

Round 154
Letters from an Irradiated Princess, by Tumbleweed
Waitingby Silver Moon
Princessesnce, by Baal Bunny

Round 155
War Games Ponies Play, by Minds Eye
Down by the Riverside Where Fireflies Are Found, by AliceA020
Outlaw Mares 1: A Hoof Full of Trixie, by DigioDragon

Round 156
Delayed Reaction, by Masterweaver
Canterlot Seven, by LightOfTriumph
Temporary Hiatus, by TheMessenger

Round 157
It Was Me, by BlndDog
Cursed Be He That Moves My Bones, by Lucky Dreams
The Lies We Makeby volrathxp
The Last Days of Parrsboro, by Eakin

Round 158
Undeliverable, by ocalhoun
Promised Landby Obselescence
Fly Hard, by Aragon

Round 159
The Corner of (Our) Eyes, by Daemon McRae
Wonder-Breezies, by Metool Bard
Hero of the Day, by Gravekeeper

Round 160
Delusions, by Touch the Sky
Culling a Bad Branch, by Goat Licker
Wayfarer, by The Plebeian

Round 161
A.K. Yearling Tries to Write a Sex Scene by KenSES64
Egress, by Silent Earth
Cross Your I's and Dot Your T's, by Garbo

Round 162
The Gift Horse, by Autumnschild
Pipsqueak Plod and the Quest for Crackers, by Kegisak
Candy is Magic, by JMac

Round 163
Celestia, by Arad
Escort Flight, by Georg
Parasitic Plants: A Hearth's Warming Romance, by Litizzaner

Round 164
Generous Gifts, by BlazzingInferno
Mistletoe Kiss, by Alexandrite Ward

Round 165
Friendship is Optimal: The Law Offices of Artemis, Stella & Beat by Eakin
Universal Termination Primer, by Wodahseht
Wish Fulfilment, by adcoon

Round 166
Editorial Mandateby LightOfTriumph
An Audition for the Eventual End of the World, by PhycoKrusk
Happy Hourby Vivid Syntax
The Lamia, by Cold in Gardez

Round 167
The Early Life of Blueblood, by Macgyver644200
Of Courseby Ravensdagger
Seashell, by Winston

Round 168
At Faith Value, by Socks
The Wish Jar, by OleGreyMane
Diamond Tiara's First Allowance, by Razalon the Lizardman

Round 169
Never so Far Away, by PoweredByTea
The Library Club, by Inky Swirl
Another Day, by wYvern

Round 170
A Survey of the Work of Vinyl Scratch (Abbreviated), by Meta Four
It's Not About the Bobby Pin, by Nugget
Diamond Tiara Is: The Gator Grapplerby Your Antagonist

Round 171
Spot That Changeling, by Inspector Brown
Hunter 23129, by The Lunar Samurai

Round 172
A Royal Morning, by Poptard
Thought I'd Let You Know..., by Gyro Steambass
Take a Walk, by Cryptid-Kid

Round 173
Fallout: Equestria - The Quiet City, by Gamma Deekay
See You Again, by taterforlife
Luna's Nightmare, by Word Worthy

Round 174
Sounds of Lunacy, by the Engineer Pony
You Can't Have Everything Your Way, by Xepher
Chompers, by SpaceCommie

Round 175
Your Money or Your Life, by Gulheru
The Tempest, by Carabas
Sunset Shimmer Vs The DMV, by Sidral Mundet

Round 176
Lyra and the Little People, by Not_A_Hat
Withywindle, by psychosis

Round 177
Thorny Words, by Distaff Pope
Final Mission, by Sharp Quill
101 Uses for a Dead Alligator, by deadpansnarker

Round 178
How Hoofdini Really Did the Moonshot Manticore Mouth Dive, by Emperor
Hair of the Sister Who Bit You, by Rao the Red Sun
Count Your Blessings, by Will-Owl-the-Wisp

Round 179
Fluid Exchange Under Closed Timelike Curves, by CoffeeMinion
The Third Name, by AlicornPriest
Noi and Bloo's Big Adventure, by SweetAI Belle

Round 180
The World Within the Web, by Lord Max
Sweetie Belle and the Journey to the Kingdom of the Frogs, by TheSlorg
Big Tavi Lil Tavi Cardboard Box, by All Art Is Quite Useless

Round 181
Pinkie Pie's Foray into Absent-Minded Treason, by Desavlos
Why Rainbow Dash Can't Be the Element of Honestyby Original Usermane
A Mistake in Identity, by JapaneseTeeth

The Broken and Desperate, by DEI Caboose
Bad Moon Setting, by BBJBS
Touchby Thought Prism
Last-Minute Gifts, by _Undefined_

Nightmare Carrots, by Angeltherabbit

May I Axe You a Favor?, by MisterNick
The Timestone, by Bachiavellian

Heritage, by bahatumay
A Crow Looked at Me, by No Raisin

The Feast, by Professor Tacitus
Modern Vortextology, by latte89
The Little Mermare, by AbsoluteAnonymous

How I Became the Sea, by GeekySonic
A Party For... Divorce?, by lord_steak
Rarity Does Her Taxes, by Coyotek4

We Rent the Night, by totallynotabrony

Historical Gaps, by The Cyan Recluse
Final Mashtination, by Rinnaul

Kill Philby TheAshenKnight
I Dream of Apples, by Dan_s Comments

The Bet, by King of Beggars
The Rose Garden, by TheManof2481
Forecast, by Jondor

The Legend of Ash Frost, by Visiden Visidan
Bluebird, by TheCrystalRing

Behind The Curtain, by Jarvy Jared
Lost in the Woods, by Meluch

Whispering Stars, by Causal Quill
Today I Am a Monsterby Cloud Wander

Ordinary-Human Fanfiction, by Good Christian Ethesto

Electra Complex, by Majin Syeekoh

Three Letters, by horizon
Those Who Wield Power, by PresentPerfect
A Giant Leap Forwardby AugieDog
Sol Invictus, by Soge

Apple Whine, by ringcaat
Cool Jazz, by Owlor
Dearest Fluttershy, by Terrasora

Round 199
White in the Snow, by destinedjagold
One Can Only Wonder, by -TGM-
To Warm a Mare's Heart in Two Hours, by Timaeus

Round 200
The Gentle Folk, by MonolithiuM
The Voyageby BookeCypher
.until the last pony is ferried., by shortskirtsandexplosions

Round 201
Are We the Baddies?, by Jawjoe
Twilight Sort-Of Kills Her Friends, by Mad Hattie
Carrot and Stick, by Tumbleweed

Round 202
Love Song of a Loser, by Pascoite
Liable for Content, by Sarcasmo
Orangeglow, by Soufriere

Round 203
The Most Beautiful Song, by OnionPie
Avoid Your Heros, by secretagentplottwist
Diamond Ring, by DemonBrightSpirit

Round 204
The Cow Jumped Over The Moon, by Lightwavers
There's No Place Like Home, by Emperor

Round 205
An Offer She Can't Excuse, by psychicscubadiver
Bedtime Story, by Abramus5250
Promises, by Alexandrite Ward

Round 206
Dig Korps of Krieg, by Terran117
Kill Twilight Sparkle, by Terrycloth
Me,  by KingMoriarty

Round 207
The Siren's Swan Song, by RB_
The Last Dreams of Pony Island, by horizon
Clink, by Visiden Visidane

Round 208
Animal Friendsby Elkia Deerling
Hive Versus Hiveby Impossible Numbers

Round 209
The White Horse, by Carabas
A Teatime Visit, by Esle Ynopemos
At the Riverside, by Pascoite

Round 210
Mistakes Best Not Remembered, by Sorren
Morality and Baked Goodsby SkyeSilverwing
Customer Serviceby Petrichord

Round 211
Mind Your Eldersby Denim_Blue
Freedom Flourishes, by The Hat Man

Round 212
Professional Courtesy, by Rainbooms Inc
Those Who Live Forever, by Moose Mage
Lux y Obscurum, by RomanCandle

Round 213
Yule in a Donut Shop, by Rune Soldier Dan
Home, by RBDash47

Christmas Edition, Parts One, Two, Three, Four, and Five
Memory, by Algernon97
The Last Windigo, by Doctor Disco
Luna Just Learned About The Play "A Hearth's Warming Carol", by Singularity Dream
Hearth's Warming Cookies, by Everyday
Wassail, Wassail!by Skywriter

Round 214
Mister Lonely Heart, by Eskerata
Rarity and the Rhinoceros, by Vertigo22
The Apple and the Foxby Tundara

Round 215
My Little One-Shots - A Rumor That's Not Quite What it Seems, by Phantasma Eeria
Candy Mane's Almost-Epic Slice-of-Life Adventure, by Trick Question
How Lily Longsocks Spent Hearth's Warming Eve on the Moon, by Pascoite

Round 216
The Unbroken Spirit, by Prane
Luna's Throneby River Babble