Friday, July 31, 2015

Mini-Reviews Round 92

I don't have any interest in talking politics on this blog... but political logos, that's another matter.  I've gotta say, after looking through the various campaign logos the presidential hopefuls are using, that I'm a big fan of Rand Paul's (logo).  Perry's, on the other hand, is barely readable to me (I couldn't even tell that was supposed to be a "P" in the middle at first glance).  It's kind of amazing to me that someone (someagency) got paid to come up with that.

I'd say "let's leave the trappings of politics behind," but if you'll click below the break, you'll see that that's not gonna happen.  Still, mini-reviews (with political symbolism), below the break!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fandom Classics Part 120: Tyrant

To read the story, click the image or follow this link

Before we go any further, I want to call y'alls' (I believe that to be the proper way to pluralize the possessive version of "y'all"--please don't ask me to explain the efficacy of pluralizing the possessive version of "y'all") attention to this picture right here, on the grounds that it's the best thing ever.  I can confirm; this is what it's actually like over here at Ponyfic Review Headquarters.  Well, that's what it's like in the shared office we stick the peons in, anyway; I've got my own executive suite, and I can tell you, it's posh.  Soundproofed so that I don't have to hear the noise the little people/ponies make as they sort their reviews, done up in velvet trim, the shelves lined with specially commissioned illuminated copies of all the stories on my reading list... hey, all those fanfic review dollars have to go somewhere, you know?  Better to me than to those shlubs!

But enough about the hoi polloi; on to important stuff, like my reviews!  My thoughts on PaulAsaran's Tyrant, below.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Fandom Classics Part 119: The Monster in the Twilight

To read the story, click the image or follow this link

The Tour de France is over, which means I can stop getting up early again.  At least for another month or so, anyway.  Ugh; I didn't like early mornings a decade ago, or two decades ago, or... we're gonna stop that before I date myself, but the point is, I never liked early mornings.  What was younger me thinking, when he decided to get a job that would require getting up early all year except during the summer, and then decided to become a fan of cycling, which requires getting up early in the summer, too?

Bleh.  Bleh, I say!  But hopefully I won't have to say "bleh" about Georg's The Monster in the Twilight.  Find out if it's my lucky day, below the break.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Medium Displacement 101

First, news: after talking it over with my family, we're changing our vacation plans slightly.  I'll still be gone two weeks, but it'll be starting the weekend of the 8th, not the first.

What does this mean?  First, if you want to submit a guest post, you now have until the 5th of August to do so--details are back here.  I have enough commitments to get along, but this is a "more is better" situation.  Well, unless I get fifteen new offers or something, but the point, is, if you were thinking about doing one, the opportunity's still open and I love to share your work.  Also, it means I'll definitely be able to take part in this month's write-off!  Go me.

Now, on to today's babblings.  The topic du jour is one I've been asked about recently: how to tell if your story should be something other than a story--and what to do about it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mini-Reviews Round 91

Two mini-reviews (almost) in a row!  Truth is, though, that I've got plenty of stories on my "read, but not reviewed" list at any given time, so I might as well cut into that list before I have to refresh myself on those stories just to be able to comment on them.  Stuff, below the break!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Medical Stuff

Nothing horsewords related today.  Instead, I'm going to talk use this like the personal blog it ultimately is, and talk about my life.  Unfortunately, this is the kind of post that needs to begin with the phrase "everyone's okay," which is ironically among the least-reassuring ways to begin a conversation man has devised.

If you're just here for ponies and fanfiction, feel free to skip this; there's nothing here you need to know.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Mini-Reviews Round 90

One of my friends is moving to a no-pet apartment, and tried to get me to take her cat.  She probably thought I'd be open to it, since I already own one... but she didn't do a very good job selling it.  For reference, if you're ever trying to unload pets onto someone, you probably don't want to lead with "The only thing he really does wrong is that he likes to pee on people when they sleep."

...Yeah, I'll stick with my own, doesn't-pee-on-me-whether-I'm-asleep-or-not cat.

Mini-reviews below the break!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Fandom Classics Part 118: Pirates for a Day

To read the story, click the image or follow this link

I accidentally put the sequel to this story in the "Next time" bit at the bottom of the last Fandom Classics post, but it would be silly to review a sequel before a main story, wouldn't it?  Well, exceptional cases notwithstanding, anyway.  I may come back to Eternity sometime, seeing as it's quite a popular work in its own right, but that's for a later day.  Incidentally, remember that you can see what the next few Fandom Classics I have scheduled are here (or via the "Fandom Classics by Star Rating" link at the top of the page), and you can always send me suggestions for what I should review next.  As of typing this sentence, I have well over 100 recommendations, so I'm in no danger of running out anytime soon, but that doesn't mean more aren't welcome!

But that's for the future.  For the now, let's talk about Dawnfade's Pirates for a Day.

Monday, July 13, 2015

A New Story from Chris

Everypony has dreams. Some dream of superpowers. Others dream of fame and respect. Still others dream of creature comforts, or of achieving long-sought goals.

But what sort of dream can stop the Tantabus?

Friday, July 10, 2015

A Call for Guest Posts (and Some Other Stuff)

Today's post (and Monday's) come to you from scenic slightly-north-of-me; one of my co-workers needed some emergency house/pet-sitting, so I'm staying at his house for a few days while taking care of this little bundle of fuzz:

I was informed by reliable sources that it is required to include a picture
when one speaks of cute little dogs with yappy voices

I want to talk about a slightly longer upcoming absence, though: as those of you who've been around a while already know, I try to always take two weeks in summer to visit my relatives in Arizona, and this year those'll be the first two weeks of August.  And rather than leave this site in the lurch for two weeks (or worse, have to come up with that much of a buffer), I'm looking for some guests to fill in in my absence!  Some of you have done it before, others haven't, but there's no requirement for doing so other than the ability to write something interesting.  Click down below the break to find out more.

...And even if you aren't interested, click down if you want to find out what the results were of that questionnaire from last week.  It'd a double-whammy of non-reviews!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Fandom Classics Part 117: Mortality Report

To read the story, click the image or follow this link

I was Youtube surfing yesterday, and came back across this gem from early 2011.  Boy, that takes me back... none of the pony videos were in HD yet, PMVs were still novel (and rare) enough that you could reasonably watch most or all of them, and Dash got designated the "happy boy" because there were barely any male characters in the show yet.  Ah, good times; that video still puts a smile on my face.

Speaking of old stories, here's one from 2012!  Three whole years; in ponydom, that's practically forever!  And it's about oldness!  Triple-confluence!

...Anyway, click down below the break for my take on Bad Horse's Mortality Report.

NOTE: This review contains ending spoilers. Don't worry, they're behind a spoiler tag you have to click to read... but since I can't figure out how to put multiple spoiler tags into a single post, that means that today's star rating is unspoiled. Just FYI!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Episode Talk: S5E12, Amending Fences

Remember to pop over here and answer a few questions for me, if you're so inclined!

In fact, this is your last chance; I'll be closing the poll down tomorrow, and based on the responses I've already gotten, doing a post about the results later this week.  If you want to indulge me, you're almost out of time!

But in any case, feel free to click down below the break to check out my thoughts on Saturday's episode.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Fandom Classics Part 116: Of Apples and Roses and Thick Purple Proses

To read the story, click the image or follow this link

Remember to pop over here and answer a few questions for me, if you're so inclined!

Also, remember to tune into the Tour de France!  Thomas Voeckler's team Europcar still has the same dark green jerseys, the only time trial is on the very first day, and Bastille Day will also be the first serious mountain stage.  What else do you need to know?  The race starts July 4th, bright and early in US-time!

...I'm going to be the only guy who cares again, aren't I?  Oh well; click down below the break for something that's probably more to your self-selected tastes: my review of RavensDagger's Of Apples and Roses and Thick Purple Proses.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mini-Reviews Round 89

Remember to pop over here and answer a few questions for me, if you're so inclined!

If you haven't done so already, don't forget to set your clocks one second back!  Wouldn't want to be late to any important appointments, after all; leap seconds always play havoc with my scheduling.  Hopefully I've got everything ready, and this post will go up at the usual midnight hour rather than at 12:00:01.  I'd hate to leave you waiting for your mini-reviews!  Which, incidentally, you can find below the break.