Friday, June 26, 2015

A Short Poll

In lieu of reviews, today I'd like to ask y'all to answer a few questions for me.  Nothing too tricky or time-consuming; just a few questions about reviews you've particularly liked or disliked, and about my reviews in general.

I realize asking you all to tell me what you think of my reviews is kind of self-indulgent, but I've been wondering for a while what people thought of my reviews, beyond stuff like "I agree/disagree with this review because [reasons]" or "I enjoy following the blog."  Which are awesome comments to get, mind you!  But there are a few more specific things I'd like to get into, hopefully in the name of continuing to improve as a reviewer.

Every question in the poll is optional, so feel free to skip any questions you don't have strong opinions on or just don't feel like answering--some information is better than none.  I'm the only person who'll see what you wrote, though I'll probably share any interesting results (stripped of identifying information, as necessary) on this blog later.  And, although an encyclopedic knowledge of my reviews is in no way required, you may want to refer to the review links in the header (6-star, Fandom Classics, and Mini-Reviews)--they're all updated as of Wednesday.  In any case, thanks in advance for indulging me a bit!


  1. Google sure does make a lot of helpful internet tools. Thanks, Google!

    1. Thanks, Blorgleblorp! I mean... Google.

    2. At least neither of the founders has said that they think "having two identities for yourself is an example of a lack of integrity," at least that I know of.