About This Site

I'm Chris. This is my blog. Howdy.

As you can see, it's all MLP related. Most of my posts are about fanfiction, a hobby of mine going back to my high school days (no, I wasn't writing pony fanfiction back then--like almost every other male in this fandom, I got sucked in by FiM).  The majority of posts to date are 6-star reviews and their spiritual successors, Fandom Classics: spoiler-free reviews of the highest rated stories on Equestria Daily and super-popular fandom stories, respectively, geared towards potential readers and designed to help them decide whether or not a particular story is worth their while.

I think my posts pretty much speak for themselves, so if you haven't already, why not go read a few? Worst case scenario, you close your browser tab and never come back here, right?

I don't claim to have any special qualifications or particular authority when it comes to my reviews.  I've written some fanfiction myself, which you should check out, but I'm not a published novelist, nor do I have a PhD in English.  I'm just a guy who reads fanfics, and tries to break them down a little in an interesting and informative way.  Some folks apparently do find my reviews interesting and/or informative, and that's really all I can hope for.

If you have any comments/suggestions for this site, please e-mail me at madethisjusttopostponies@gmail.com.