Monday, February 16, 2015

Mini-Reviews Round 70

So, my barbershop chorus is adding a Mills Brothers medley to our repertoire, and as we were rehearsing last practice, it suddenly occurred to me that Paper Doll--a song from 1942--is basically about having a waifu.  I mean, sorta.  If you squint at it right.

I dunno, I just couldn't get the thought out of my head all practice.  Anyway, have a few short reviews of stuff I recently read.  All comedies this time; I guess I've been in a funny mood.  Anyway, get it below the break!

Featured on 8/31/1014!, by AlexMagnet

Zero-ish spoiler summary:  Twilight gets an article published in the local paper, but nopony else seems as excited about this as she is.

A few thoughts:  I think we can all relate to Twilight in this piece; getting a little too pumped for something that isn't, ultimately, a very big deal.  There's also a ridiculous amount of meta-commentary here (in case the title didn't make that obvious enough), but I enjoyed that.  It was in the service of the story, rather than the story feeling grafted-on to support the commentary.  The one thing that bugged me about this fic was the voicing (all of the characters are, er, stretched a bit for comic effect), but given that the story was consistently funny, I was willing to overlook this as I read.

Recommendation:  If you feel like trying something goofy and enjoy a well-balanced bit of meta- in your fiction, this would be a good one to consider.

Fury, by JusticeSnake

Zero-ish spoiler summary:  A ferret plots to bring down the hated flying yellow pony overlord (overlady?).

A few thoughts:  I think there was definitely a good idea here, but I'm not sure if it was a good story.  Between the rapid-fire scene changes and slapstick comedy, a lot of this fic felt like it would have been better off in a visual format.  That said, I loved the dialogue and naming styles used, and JusticeSnake clearly knows how to juxtapose the dramatic and the trivial to good effect.

Recommendation:  While readers put off by medium displacement might want to give it a pass, this would be a good choice for those looking for something that revels in humorous over-dramatics.

The Cancellation of Prince Blueblood, by Georg

Zero-ish spoiler summary:  Blueblood has managed to upset Twilight Sparkle rather severely.  This is rarely a good idea.

A few thoughts:  It's a stretch to call this a story; really, it's more of a scene with a partial resolution at the end.  That said, it's pretty funny for what it is.  I seem to have a soft spot for Blueblood being an insufferable twit, and this fic scratched that itch.

Recommendation:  If 1000 words of "Blueblood is about to get his just desserts" appeals to you, go ahead and read this.  If you're looking for more than that, though, this probably isn't worth specifically seeking out.

Rainbow Dash Digs Herself Into a Hole, by Thanqol

Zero-ish spoiler summary:  When Dash is unimpressed by Applejack's "trench" and declares that she could do better... well, she has to try to do better.

A few thoughts:  There are some real comic gems scattered throughout this story.  Everything about the makeup, actions, and attitudes of Ponyville's militia is wonderful, and the way the story escalates toward the end is just the right kind of absurd.  But with that said, a lot of the story's connective tissue is transparently just that: a means of getting from one of the "good bits" to the next.  The story lurches a bit as a result, and though it may be laugh-out-loud funny in spots, it's rather uneven.

Recommendation:  If you like brilliantly funny bits in your funny stories, this is for you.  If you like consistently funny bits in your funny stories, though, this might not be.


  1. With "Paper Doll":

    Just replace the word "paper" throughout with "plushie," and it gets even more modern and disturbing.

    I've been closing my radio program for the past 31 years with songs by the Mills Brothers and always end with "I Guess I'll Get the Papers and Go Home." So it's nice to see that their songs are still inspiring folks.


  2. I'm sure that as far back as first stories shared, people had tubby wubby waifus.

    Also, that Featured on 8/31/1014! business wasright up my alley. Thanks for the recommendation.