Friday, October 7, 2016

Mini-Reviews Round 154

Expect some Episode Talking come Monday!  I haven't seen either part of the season finale as I type this, but I can't imagine I won't have things to say about it.  I'mma be sad if there's no Carrot Top, though; it feels like she pops up less and less frequently as the seasons pass, and if they can't find a way to work her into a two-parter... well, that's just sad.  Until then, though, here's some fanfiction to tide you over.  Click below for my thoughts!

Letters from an Irradiated Princess, by Tumbleweed

Zero-ish spoiler summary:  Celestia writes Twilight a letter praising her for her dedication to research and experimentation... and suggesting that, maybe next time, she focus a bit more on the former than on the latter.

A few thoughts:  There's not a lot to this, conceptually: it's a letter-format story of the "slowly reveal how ridiculous things got" variety, which escalates nicely without getting to mean-spirited or vicious.  It does all of the things it does very well, and I enjoyed it quite a bit as a result, don't get me wrong!  My point is just that there isn't a huge amount more going on here--which makes sense, in a story that barely clears 1000 words.

Recommendation:  This is grade-A, primo material for the "something short and silly" crowd, and especially for those who don't like their random comedies getting too random.  Just don't expect more from it than that.

Waiting, by Silver Moon

Zero-ish spoiler summary:  Starlight Glimmer waits, in a barren wasteland, for two ponies and a magic table to materialize.

A few thoughts:  There are a few very noticeable editing issues here, if that's the sort of thing that puts you off.  Beyond that, this is basically a "here's what caused the wasteland future in the S5 finale" fic, which doesn't overclutter itself with much else beyond the necessary setup.  That does mean that the tragic elements of the story are somewhat underdeveloped, though not to such a degree as the story itself is unenjoyable; it's more that it frames this clearly as "an AU in which there is a tragedy" rather than "a tragedy set in an AU."

Recommendation:  Though not a great choice for those considering it for its tragedy tag, this would be a fine choice for readers who want to both hear a hubristic tale of how Equestria got turned into a wasteland, and see an alternative to how the time-travel shenanigans from the episode(s) could have resolved.

Princessesnce, by Baal Bunny

Zero-ish spoiler summary:  Dinky finally earns her wings, just like every female pony in Equestria eventually does (or horn, or both, as the case may be).  But sadly, the Princess of Princessence has already given out every "Princess of ____" title on hand...

A few thoughts:  Although I enjoyed the story, this is one of those fics where I wanted more.  I wanted more male envy (or anger, or dismissal, or whatever) at every single mare in Equestria getting to be a princess.  I wanted more buildup to the destruction of the universe (oh yeah, that happens less than halfway through the story.  Probably should have put that in the summary, eh?), and I wanted more comedic bureaucracy in general.  The story as written ends up being a pleasant, light fic, but also one which breezes through its best ideas with barely a whisper.

Recommendation:  This would be a fine choice for readers looking for something sweet and a little fluffy, but will probably disappoint readers who want who lament unexplored possibilities.


  1. Wait, I'm confused now. Does this mean you're going to watch the British broadcast of the season finale? Or have they decided to air them out of order? The MLP wiki still shows two more episodes between now and the two-parter, scheduled to play in 2 weeks.

  2. Yeah, my Baal Bunny story:

    Is all about the cute and the fluffy. That's a standard problem with most of my stuff under either pseudonym, now that I think of it...