Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Change a Title by One Letter

Perhaps some of you (heck, perhaps all of you) are aware of the "change one letter" challenge/joke/meme that's been floating around for... oh, years, probably.  The gist is this: you alter, add, or remove a single letter to/from a title, and summarize the plot of your newly created work.  Good fun.

So I decided to do a few pony ones, mostly based on stories I've reviewed recently (so as not to leave y'all wondering what the reference is).  With any luck, maybe a few of them are even funny!  See for yourself, below the break.

(all links are to the posts where I reviewed the stories)

Bad Mon Setting, by BBJBS

Twilight discovers that Ponyvillians think it's bad luck to speak with a Jamaican accent.

Last-Minute Grifts, by _Undefined_

Lyra helps Bon-Bon rip off a bunch of desperate stallions by selling them insanely marked-up confections on Hearts and Hooves Day.

A Mistake is Identity, by JapaneseTeeth

After recovering from her hangover, Cadence realizes that, in that moment, she unconditionally loved the pony she was kissing--and the fact that she didn't realize who that pony actually was doesn't change the essential fact of her love.  Plus, Shining Armour is surprisingly okay with inviting another mare into their relationship...

A Pony Walks Into a Bear..., by chief maximus

Harry is sick and tired of Fluttershy's friends not looking where they're going.

The Third Came, by AlicornPriest

The clopfic sequel to A Mistake is Identity.

Hair of the Sister Who Lit You, by Rao the Red Sun

Applebloom and her friends suffer through the munchies after getting into some of AJ's "special" herbs.

Celestia's Prop Bet, by Aegis Shield

The princess convinces a being capable of creating ponies out of thin air to help her making a killing in Las Pegasus by whipping up an unbeatable hoofball team that nopony (else) believes in.

01 Uses for a Dead Alligator, by deadpansnarker

A short story.


  1. Funnily enough, that last one made me laugh the hardest. :D Here's a few more, from things I've recently reviewed!

    The Perfect Gist by Kaylee: Dinky finally figures out what the heck her word salad-spewing mother is talking about.

    Sex End 101 by RarityEQM: Under pressure from conservative forces in Canterlot, Cheerilee begins the first lesson of her abstinence-only sexual education course.

    Starlight Ducksuckler by DeluxeMagnum69: Flying kites was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Starlight Glimmer's more questionable hobbies.

    OH YOU CAN JUST GO EAT THE BIGGEST DUCK by PegasusMesa: Starlight's proclivities reach previously unimaginable depths of depravity. With Mr. Quackers next on the chopping block, Fluttershy demands she be stopped. (Unauthorized sequel to the previous.)

    Sol Searching by Grand_Moff_Pony: Luna has teleported Celestia's regalia to the sun as a prank. It's going to take upwards of three months for Celestia to cover that much ground and find it!

    "Applejack, Are We Poop?" by InsertAuthorHere: A Blueshift-inspired existentialist tract in which Apple Bloom attempts to understand the origins and meaning of life in a world where ponies have been replaced by sentient blobs of fecal matter.

    CTHBBT by Jade Ring: Much like her Necromorph older sister, Fluffle Puff is an eldritch abomination from beyond the stars.

    It's too bad you set it at only one letter, because I could make Fluttershy Farts in Your Shirt otherwise. :C

    1. And though that post was demonstrably under 4096 characters, it wouldn't let me submit, so HAVE ANOTHER. :|

      Funding Heaven by Agent Bookfort: A pony meets a traveling dragon on the road who's collecting money to help Elysium afford a new expansion. Souls are exothermic, after all, and the afterlife is kind of getting full!

      She Should Know Butter by tailsopony: Celestia begins to worry when it seems her sister has developed a mental block on modern versions of common items that were around before she was banished.

      Dear Twilight Sparkle, Get Ducked! by kalash93: Twilight is horrified to discover Princess Celestia sides with Starlight Glimmer in the battle of ponies who want to protect waterfowl and those who see them as little more than snack food. Because Fimfiction will turn anything into a meme.

      Birds of Few Fathers by DraconicXeno: A pet's-eye-view introspective piece about the survivors of the Great Waterfowl War and what they lost. Widely considered to be the piece that legitimized the Starlight Eats Ducks meme and elevated it to an art form.

      Rarity's Fashion Alman-Gak by Ceffyl Dwr: Coco Pommel must stop Rarity from covering Equestria in highly fashionable slime. There are more mind-corrupting books out there than just the Inspiration Manifestation.

      Pink, Fuzzy Alicorns Dancing on Hobbs by Star Destroyer: Cadence is cruel to a doll. The Bill Watterson crossover no one asked for or needed.

      I think that's enough. :V

  2. Goshdarnit, I saw the comments I left come through the RSS feed, so where are they? ;_;

    1. In the spam folder! Because you're spam.

      I let you out of the box this time, but please try not to phish any of my legitimate readers ¬_¬

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  4. Ooh, these are fun. I don't do public reviews, so I'll just grab some of my own stories.

    "A Sleep in Wolf's Clothing"
    Goldilocks never learned her lesson after the bear incident.

    "Once Mare, with Feeling"
    The Spike everyone knows today is a lot more stoic than before his gender reassignment surgery.

    Hard-hitting journalism finally blows the lid off the scandal of black market donkey adoptions.

    "On Wings of Rashes"
    Sonata Dusk contracts an inexplicable infection from Vice Principal Luna.

    "Friend of a Not-So-Different Strip"
    They all look pretty much the same naked, after all.

    "Naval Gaying"
    The CMCs have a cruise they'll never forget.

    "The Fart and Science of Letter Writing"
    (This one's for you, PP.) Twilight constructs a style guide, but she gets so nervous about the project that she can't help... well...

    "A Hiccup in Mime"
    Marcel Marceau has his performance ruined by a time-travelling Twilight.

    "The God You Might Do"
    Twilestia fan service in second-person.

    "Tales of Pinterest!"
    Nobody cares.

    1. Oh my god. XD Not just the one you directed at me, but On Wings of Rashes and the last three!

  5. If you let me take away two letters, I could write "The Keepers of Disco", where a dedicated group of ponies have to step up the funk in order to keep Equestria's last disco from closing.

    1. If you write that fic, I promise to fast-track a review of it. It sounds "amazing"-in-quotation-marks!

      Pasco, same offer applies to any of your soon-to-be classics!

    2. (But especially "Naval Gaying," because I'm dying to see the inevitable scene where Sweetie Belle gets up and sings YMCA with a bunch of ponies wearing flankless chaps)

    3. I hate to say it, but this may actually happen... I'm getting flooded with ideas for this danged story right now :P

      By the way, it's unwise to call a griffon a jive turkey. They really don't like that.

    4. How do they feel about 'cool cat'?

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  7. Might as well hit mine.

    Munster in the Twilight - While undergoing the entrance exam into Celestia's school, she loses control of her magic and turns all of Canterlot into cheese. Various cheese-based puns ensue.

    Three Tail Heirs - The last three sons in a family decide to attend Mage's school together, only to find their power exponentially greater together than apart.

    Twilight Sparkle Pays an Egg - Humpty Dumpty comes by Equestria to collect on an old debt.

    How Many Princesses Does It Lake - Celestia, Luna and Twilight go swimming.

    Trixie and Her Amazing Vet Changeling - Trixie discovers a changeling with an unexpected talent for treating the ailments of other pony's pets, and takes him touring with her.

    Trixie's Fire in the Flood - Trixie joins the fire department. Her solutions to fires does not go well with the rest of the team.

    Tantabus Do Your Wurst - Luna dreams of German sausage.