Monday, September 12, 2016

A New Story From Me

On one day each year, Celestia and Luna turn control of the sun and moon over to a group of the most powerful unicorns in Equestria. Twilight is finally old enough to take part.

But she can't.


This is the story I wrote for the Princesses Not Included minific writeoff.  I was planning to put it in my minific collection, but a funny thing happened when I started sprucing it up: it grew!  And eventually, it ended up over 1000 words (actually, it ended up close to 1200 words, but after I went back at it and cut out the dead weight which I invariably let creep in if I'm not judicious with my pruning, it was much closer to 1000).  And, since that put it over FiMFic's minimum wordcount, I decided to go ahead and publish it separately.

If you haven't read the story yet, give it a try if it sounds interesting!  If you already read the writeoff version, this one is fundamentally the same--the tone and purpose of the story hasn't changed, and there aren't any new scenes.  What's been added is mostly smoothing out dialogue, and expanding on why this event is so important to Twilight.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy, and if you have any comments or criticisms, please let me know!  Here or on FiMFic, I deeply appreciate quality feedback.

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  1. Look, a moose!

    Oh, wait. That's a muse. There's some fine quality muse-droppings here. Seriously, when reading *both* versions of the story, I kept having to blink because the mental imagery of the scene kept getting in front of the words.

    Must... write... better... to... beat... Chris... next... time...