Monday, September 1, 2014

"Whoppers Junior," However, Remains the Epitome of Class

Yeah, so, no reviews today.  I'll be back in business Wednesday, but this weekend's turning out to be a long one in both senses of the word for me.  Yay Labor Day!  Boo things that require actual effort out of Chris!

If you're looking for something to read in the meantime, well, I'm sure I don't need to remind you all that EqD is doing there Outside Insight thing, and although the winners should be announced any day now, there are plenty of good stories in the mix.  Read them all, and find out which are worth the time!

...No?  Okay, lucky for you, there are a few people who've risen to the challenge.  Both Present Perfect and InquisitorM have both taken it upon themselves to read and review every single one of the hundred-odd fics involved!  In PP's words, that's "1.09 Fallouts Equestria" (I'm pretty sure that should be "Fallout Equestrias" since "Equestria" isn't really an adjective in that title, but I'll admit that PP's way looks way classier), so if for some reason you aren't already reading either of their blog posts, go check those out.  And, if you know of anyone else who's managed to review everything, let me know and I'll toss their names up here, too!

Anyway, that oughtta keep y'all busy.  I've found some good ones through the two of them--a couple I've mentioned in previous mini-reviews, and a few more will probably show up in upcoming installments--so go try their words about horsewords on for size.


  1. Present, Scott, you guys are both crazy as Hell for doing this

    I need some shorter fics to read (really don't feel like starting another longfic just yet), and this contest should be a good source of those, so I'll probably check out the winners and whatever you guys recommend (and maybe look for some familiar names, but you guys'll probably cover those). Still haven't read Pride yet, though, so that's gotta take first priority

    *sigh* Gotta love how I bitch about needing to make time for work, and then just add more to my reading list. It's like I don't want to be productive

    1. Almost forgot to correct Chris! EqD would be doing "their"Outside Insight thing, not "there"

    2. Oh, and Rise and Queen of Queens are absolute must reads at the high-end of the cap, 15k.

    3. I had a feeling that you'd like Little Apple.

    4. Thanks for the recommendations! After adding those, the winners, and a few others from the competition, I now have more stories than I'd wanted (still nowhere near what you guys read, thank God!)

      Goodbye, productivity. I hardly knew ye

  2. You're damn right my way is classier. :V

  3. (second attempt) My top ten favorites included Rise, Trumpet's Last Call, and Moonlight Palaver for sure, with Changeling the Movie and Little Apple being in there somewhere. I was unsure about how Sylphidine made it to the top ten, but it seems OK. I have *no* idea how I Am Demon made it into the top ten at all, let alone #1. It seemed chunky, distracted, and rambling.