Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Writeoff Menagerie

Well, I'm back to being behind.  I spent most of the weekend rushing to get a story done for the There Is Magic In Everything Writeoff, and then far more time than I intended over the last few days reviewing all the entries.  This was the first time I'd done a three-day, 2000+ word writeoff, and... well, that is not the speed I normally work at.  The end result has a few glaring, painful mistakes (I don't think I'm giving anything away by saying that; most of the entries have a dumb slip-up or three.  Par for the course with a time crunch, I guess), and needs some polish before I'll be happy with it... but I think I'll end up being able to turn it into a new fic, so I'm counting that as a plus!

Now, normally this is where I'd tell you to go read those stories and review them in the thread I linked above and/or vote on them, but 90,000 words by Sunday is a pretty tall order.  So instead, I've grouped all the stories into broad categories below!  Some are genres, some are stylistic similarities... basically, I tried to put three fics which all shared some significant features into each category.  If 23 stories is too much, consider seeing if one or two of the categories below appeals to you, and sample from those!  Or read all the fics in one category and see how they compare.  Do whatever you like with them, really; I'm just trying to provide some more manageable chunks for people who'd like to read some fanfic, but aren't interested in committing to tackling the whole list.  Check out my story groups, below the break.

Mythic/Old Stories

Pure Silliness

Something Is Amiss...


What a Twist!

Darker Fare

Celestia Time

It's Magic, I Ain't Gotta Explain... It

Are those categories often arbitrary and maybe not the single best descriptor of the fic?  Probably!  But hopefully this setup makes it a little less intimidating to try a couple, if you're interested.


  1. And there goes any hope I had of making progress on my list

  2. I think I'll be keeping my reviews to my blog. Even by my standards, this lot is pretty rough.

  3. I still haven't even gotten through the top ten winners of the Outside Insight contest yet. Although I did finally read I Am Demon yesterday.

    1. I STILL haven't gotten to them. :(

      ~Super Trampoline