Wednesday, May 18, 2016

It's Not Filler, It's Post-Minimalism

I'm home from a long-weekend trip!  I'm also tired and have an annoying stomach bug, so in lieu of content, here's a gif of Carrot Top from the most recent episode:

Carrot Top, shown perfecting her white-people earth pony dance moves

I haven't seen the episode yet, but one of my readers was kind enough to send this along and brighten up my evening.  Context be damned, this is clearly the best party ever.

EDIT:  Lucky wishes to join in the festivities and showcase his own dance moves; who am I to say no?

Either that, or he's an aspiring sumo wrestler practicing his Hatakikomi technique.


  1. The way Carrot Top can keep her front hooves in the air like that for so long without falling over is astounding. If only we could post gifs in the comments. I had the perfect one of Lucky to go along with this.

    1. You could still link to it.

    2. What? That's impossible! You can't put things from your computer on the internet. I'm sorry, Icy Shake, but the world will simply never know.

      Anyway, here's a link.

      It's not the same as having a dance party in the comments though.

    3. I guess we'll just have to spam Chris with a bunch of GIFs so he can make a dance party post. It's the only sensible solution

    4. Y'all's wish is my command!

  2. Dang, Carrot's extra adorable in that (and she was pretty darn cute to begin with)!