Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

If you're not a Christmas person, have a happy whatever else you'd like, too.  Honest, I'm not picky.

But whether you're celebrating Christmas, something else, or nothing at all, I'd like to take a moment this season to ask you: tell the people who matter most to you that you love them.  Phone call, in person, video chat--whatever's most realistic, based on proximity and what have you.  But the important part is, actually say the words "I love you" to them.

This is something I make a point to do every Christmas, because I don't say things like that very often.  Probably, I don't say them enough; reserve is a good thing in many situations, but sometimes it stops you from letting people know how important they are to you.  So this time every year, I spend a few days getting ahold of my closest friends and family, and saying telling them I love them.

Some of them think it's sweet, while others think I'm pretty silly.  But it's something that each of them deserves to hear.

I'm sure that you--each of you--has someone who you love.  Maybe it's a bunch of people, or maybe it's just one.  But if you're like me, haven't said those words to them in a while.  Really said them, not just a mumbled "loveyabye" at the end of a conversation (if that, even).  It's something simple, but amazingly powerful, that you can do for the most important people in your world.

I'm with family for the week, so I'm taking the rest of the week off to celebrate.  Reviews are back on Monday.  Until then, may your hearts be light.


  1. Merry Christmas to you, too, Chris. And to all you other horse lovers as well!

    I've got about nine or ten days off work, so I'm finally gonna catch up on my reading (and video watching, music listening, etc.) This is a very exciting time for me. Should probably finally order those Christmas presents now that I've got the time

  2. And a very merry Christmas to you, and to everyone else in these virtual parts!