Sunday, August 10, 2014

I'm back-ish!

Just got home today!  Less than an hour ago, in point of fact.  And while I've finished reading The Steadfast Sky, I'm not feeling up to doing a review of it tonight.  I mean, sure, I've got about six hours until post time, but I'm tired and crampy and would almost certainly produce something more "cobbled together" than "intelligently critical" in nature.  When I do write something that looks cobbled-together, I like to at least have no excuses.

Instead, you will be regaled with highlights of my trip!  In bullet form, both for quicker typing and quicker reading--think of it as a twenty second-long slideshow, minus the pictures.

  • I saw a wild gila monster for the first time!  It was right in the middle of the bike path I was riding on--I got within a few feet of it (not any closer, though; you don't want to get bitten by them).
  • I spent over $100 on used books, and believe me, you can get a lot of used books for that price.  Fuel for future flights of imagination, or unmemorable dreck?  Time will tell!  Buying a used book always feels like playing the lottery, only with a lot more wins.
  • My dad and I spent several days fixing up grandma's backyard.  She has a large cactcus garden, and there was a lot of weeding (and some brick re-laying) that she can't do on her own.  I enjoy that kind of thing--I have a black thumb, myself, but I do like gardens.
  • And, of course, I got to spend plenty of time with my extended family.  That's what vacations are all about.  Or at least, what mine are.  Your vacation mileage may vary.
Anyway, thanks one last time to the guest columnists, and reviews again on Wednesday!


  1. Welcome back, Kott- I mean Chris!

    Looks like we'll be getting lots of actual book posts in the future. I look forward to them, and the return of reviews

    Apparently I've been doing vacations wrong. My last two involved ignoring my family — except the pig — for a few days in favor of some computer time, followed by a weekend with my fellow horse lovers. I have no regrets

  2. Oh. Hey, Chris.

    Can't stop... writing...


    1. Freakin' tease. I see you've got one from April I haven't read yet, too, and now I've gotta add that one as well. *grumbles* Damn fanfic authors, givin' me all this quality entertainment for free. How much free time do you think I have?!

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