Friday, July 25, 2014

Plans for the Next Two Weeks

So, as you may have gathered, I'll be (mostly) afk for the next couple of weeks.  Fear not, though!  There'll still be plenty of good stuff to read here at the regularly scheduled intervals while I'm off on vacation.  If you're interested to know what to look forward to, click below.

Well, after putting out the call, I ended up with three massive author reviews.  That's a little short of what I was hoping for, but don't fret; coupled with my buffer, it's enough to get me through without having to scramble.  Originally, my plan was to post the guest reviews, then fill out the second week with my normal material, but I've had some second thoughts.

See, the reviews I got are big.  I expected that; they're covering a lot more material than a single-fic review, and the guys who took up the challenge went into some beautiful depth.  But putting three massive posts back-to-back-to-back seems a little overwhelming.  So instead, I'm going to alternate!

Wednesday the 30th, you can all look forward to RTStephens' analysis of John Perry, which takes us on an author-driven jaunt from the season one hiatus through to the present day.  Monday the fourth of August will bring us Icy Shake's breakdown of Somber--a daunting choice for an author review, given the amount of verbiage he's produced, but he pulls it off with aplomb (and verbiage).  Then, on Friday the eighth, Cold in Gardez brings us (and me) home with his look at GaPJaxie.  And cushioning each of those will be the Fandom Classic and Mini-Review posts you all know and love.

If you've been following me for a while, you know I usually also use this break as a chance to tackle some behemoth or other--two years ago it was Fallout: Equestria, last year it was The Immortal Game.  This year, it was an easy choice, since there's only one completed 6-star fic I'm short a review of, and it clocks in at 350,000 words: I'll be taking advantage of my vacation to review The Grey Potter's The Steadfast Sky.  Heck, it's shorter than those other two fics; I might even have some time to read (gasp) other stuff this time around!

Anyway, that's what should go down.  Now that I've got one of them newfangled "smart phones," I should be able to check in from the road rather than being totally incommunicado, but don't expect to hear much from me anyway; this is my vacation, after all, and I intend to get some relaxing done.  Play nice while I'm gone, and enjoy what our guest reviewers have cooked up for you!  Speaking as someone who's already seen what's on offer, I feel confident that you will.


  1. Now that Chris is gone, it looks like we might be due for a big ol' storm of chaos!

    "You have travelled for many days, leaving the Realm and entering into the wilder area of the Borderlands..."

  2. "FO:E" was 5/5 and "TIG" was 4/5, but "TSS" is 3/5 at best. It's cute but aimless, and it really crawls until ch 70, when it rushes through to the end.

    1. "It really crawls until chapter 70" is not something that should EVER BE SAID ABOUT A STORY EVER

      Why do stories even have chapter seventies? D:

    2. Some people write short chapters. Dune, for instance, probably has about 60 over only around 475 pages.
      Thinking of Dune raises in my mind another question: why don't more stories have appendices?

    3. The chapters aren't particularly short - and they even get longer towards the end. Seven of the first eight chapters are below 2,700 words, while 70 and 71 clock in at over eight thousand each.

    4. Chapter 70? That's like saying "Well, our wedding wasn't much, but once we hit our 70th anniversary, things really picked up."

    5. @Present Perfect: Imploding Colon called; he'd like a word with you. ;)

      Also, have tried and failed to log in with Live Journal, WordPress, and OpenID. Why does City of Doors work with me, but this site doesn't? :(

      ~Super Trampoline

  3. Professor ProfessorJuly 25, 2014 at 5:26 AM

    I'm looking forward to these. Indepth analysis of how someone's work developes has always been a favorite topic of mine. All the better that it's pony related.