Monday, February 10, 2014

If the Internet Lived In My Backyard, I Could Yell My Reviews Out the Window and This Kind of Thing Wouldn't Even Be an Issue

I've been having internet problems the last couple of days; I've got a new modem this afternoon, and that seems to have solved the problem, but the change came too late to save my most recent review, which I typed up, sent, and then watched disappear into the chasm between my computer and the wider e-world.

(This is why I started writing all my reviews in a .doc file and then importing them when I was done, but of course I got lazy and quit doing that a few weeks ago.  Go me)

Anyway, review Wednesday, and sorry for the delay.  Take advantage of the time to go watch the Olympics; there's a women's curling match on as I type this, and for my money, televised curling is one of the great things about Olympic years.


  1. You could always use Google Docs. I've been using it for five years now (oh god, that long?) and I've never lost a single piece of anything ever. I've lost a crap ton of stuff on my computer or from using crappy USB drives...

  2. You don't use Gdocs? It, like, keeps your stuff in the cloud, man...

  3. Could be worse: everything you'd eaten in the last 24 hours could have vacated the premises in a hurry. :(

    Also FUCK YEAH CURLING watching men's atm and the Norwegians' pants are amazing. Oh, and the US lost. :(

  4. One of these days I'm going to need to watch these curling things.

  5. Ouch, that sucks. Speaking of the Internet, I just heard a song on there about fanfiction. Was actually about to send it to you on FIMFic before I read this post; figured I'd share it here instead

    I've never watched curling before, unless you count a fictional portrayal on The Simpsons (I don't). It's always struck me as a very Canadian thing, though it was invented in Scotland. Even still, I don't know why I think of that as a bad thing, considering how many Canadian things I love. Blame Celine Dion, I guess

  6. Whenever I fear the human race is too clever and resourceful for me to conquer, I think of all the millions of people around the Earth, eagerly watching grown-ups sweeping the ice in front of a giant shuffleboard puck.

    I recommend Sir David Attenborough's nature documentary on curling: