Friday, October 11, 2013

An Old Thing Passes, and a New Thing Arises

I imagine this will be old news to most of you by now, but if you haven't heard, today marks the end of the Pony Fiction Vault.  Never fear, the site itself isn't going anywhere, but today is the last day it will update.  RBDash47 has done more than 100 author interviews, and I'm pretty sure I've read every single one; rare is the author who didn't have something interesting to say.

Now, to that new thing: today also marks the first story feature/author interview for The Royal Canterlot Library, a site which Benman, Horizon, Present Perfect, Vimbert, and I (all reader/writer/reviewer types, if you don't recognize the names) have put together to find, promote, and offer author-guided insight into the best fanfics around--and a spiritual successor to RBDash's site.  Like the PFV, the RCL is primarily author interviews; one big difference is that we'll be asking authors specific questions about the stories which we're featuring, in addition to some more generic questions.  Having already gotten to read the first posts we'll be putting up, let me tell you: there's some stuff in these first few interviews you're going to want to read.

If you would, head on over to the PFV and give RBDash some love, if you haven't already; between the interviews and the story formatting he's done, he's provided an incredible service to the ponyfiction community over the past years.  And once you've done that, drop by the RCL.  The Vault may be closing, but the Library is just getting started.


  1. I didn't really follow the Vault, just checked it out a couple times, but that's sad it's ending. Still, it's pretty cool you guys are starting up this library thing. Can't wait to see the first interview! I just hope this doesn't lead to my queue getting even more bloated. I'm sure it's nowhere near the kind of lists some of you might have, but lately it's gotten to the point that I'm gonna have to make fanfic reading a more regular part of my life. Nothing wrong with that, but it does mean getting more disciplined about time management and cutting out other pony stuff (I've gotta make room for D&D somehow)

    Anyways, good luck to you guys with your new project! And RBDash, enjoy some rest. You've earned it

    1. After reading about the vetting process, I feel pretty safe in assuming that the RCL will have a significant impact on my queue. Crap. Well, I better get reading then

  2. this is so exciting are you excited 'cause I'm excited I've never been so excited