Monday, May 6, 2013

6-Star Reviews Part--Nah, I'm Just Kidding

I was cautiously optimistic concerning my ability to finish Background Pony over the weekend.  The weekend, however, had other plans.

Between the snow melt flooding my basement and one of my water pipes bursting (giving the basement-flooding a handy assist), I didn't get a lot of reading done over the last few days.  Oh, well.

Even so (or, as SS&E has an infuriating habit of writing, "even still"), I'm about 90% finished with the story.  Granted, 10% of Background Pony is still equivalent to a small novel, but my review is definitely coming this week, barring interference by woodchippers, chainsaw-toting serial killers, or anything that could double as the title of a disaster movie.

Those of you playing the "read along at home" game can breath a sigh of relief; you've got a few days yet!  And those of you playing the "hurry the heck up I want my review dangit" game can keep spasmodically twitching.


  1. C-Can you at least give us a hint as to whether or not you liked it?


    Still waiting patiently for the mother of all 6-star reviews.

    1. Hints, huh? Well, here's an excerpt from my Impressions before reading, if that'll whet your appetite and/or slake your insatiable hunger:

      "I read the first chapter of this story after reading Inquisitor M's review of it (review of the first chapter, that is), and was definitely intrigued. In fact, I've been really looking forward to picking this back up based on that first chapter, despite what I've since heard about the ending..."

  2. *spasmodically twitches*

  3. Three posts this month is enough.

    In compiling these numbers, I noticed that you seem to have two 6-Star Reviews Part 31

    1. Label your axes, gosh darnit!

    2. Do that chart by wordcount per month instead of reviews, and I think you'll find grumble grumble frickin' long stories.

      And yes, I noticed the doubled chapter numbers a few months ago, but by then changing it would have necessitated manually changing the titles of eighty-odd posts--I suppose I really should make the time to fix that here, sometime.

    3. Done

      Well, sort of I'm too busy (with exams and something close to that big piece of rusted metal called my heart) to update it to more current times and made probably too many assumptions than I really feel comfortable with, but you've been pretty consistent with your reading here, my "non-friend".

      Of course, this doesn't include the time spent writing the reviews and all other posts. So, yeah. One shouldn't complain about the delivery time of free ice cream... unless it melts.

    4. Ahem... Bugs, as much as you might have disliked it, Dangerous Business did not get -10 stars from Chris. Please be a good man and change it, eh?

    5. Bugs: thanks for doing a better job than I did.

      Chris: I think I actually enjoy your ramblings more than the reviews, since I really don't have the time to read the longer stories. For instance, after your fanfic reader PSA last month, I finally got an account and, as soon as I read something, I'll be able to comment on it!

      Perhaps I should have graphed the number of non-6-star review posts instead.

  4. "barring interference by woodchippers, chainsaw-toting serial killers, or anything that could double as the title of a disaster movie."

    Uh, Chris, did you call in any "Killer Plumbers"? They say they're here to fix your flooding basement.

  5. I stand in awe:

    Just in general, mostly--I've a fairly low boggle threshold.

    But more specifically in this case of you reading Background Pony in one fell swoop. It took me the better part of a year including the three times I abandoned the thing entirely, overwhelmed by its various excesses, and vowed never to return.

    But it kept tickling my brain, kept pulling me back, and I got to the last couple chapters just about the same time SS&E did. I'm looking forward to your article not just for the review of the content but for the review of the experience. Swallowing that many words in a fairly short amount of time? Yeesh!


  6. I, for one, eagerly await your review. I always love seeing how people have different reactions to a story and what they take away from it. However, sadly enough, most every review of Background Pony I've read—not that I look too hard—basically skips over just about everything else in the story to base the entirety of its worth solely on the ending, which in most cases is blind anger. Looking back on your typical reviews, I think it's safe to assume you won't be so arbitrarily biased and so I teeter on the edge of my seat for a brutally honest review of probably the best work of ponyfiction I have ever read.