Wednesday, October 10, 2012

No Review Today

Up until this evening, I was hoping I'd be able to finish reading It Takes a Village and have a review ready for posting at the normal time, but no; I've still got two chapters to go.  Expect the review on Friday.

I should also probably mention now that, due to a family medical situation which is going to put me in the role of caregiver for a few weeks, I may have to do a few more "sorry for the delay" posts in the near future.  I'll try to keep to a schedule, and I'm working on some "filler" posts that are anything but, but consider this an apology in advance.  I'll do my best to continue to have something worth reading, discussing, and/or snarking about three times a week.

P.S.  Let me just clarify: my mom's having multiple ankle surgeries, so I'm going to be doing a fair bit of taking care of her (and the house) for a while.  Nobody's dead or dying or near-death or anything of the sort--in retrospect, the lack of detail makes that second paragraph seem more ominous than the situation really is.


  1. I hate that you'd even think you need to apologize for such a thing. Don't worry about it, sir, at all. Business at home comes first.

  2. I don't think any of us would expect you to put this blog before family, so don't worry about it, but thank you for going the extra mile to keep us entertained (and for your typical work, really. We really appreciate what you do). Best wishes to your family in these troubling times

  3. Your family comes first, man. Always does, and always should.

    Take care of what you need to do, and don't sweat at all about the blog.

  4. Thanks guys. While I think it goes without saying that family comes first, and while I'm sure that nobody would come screaming for my blood if I missed a post or two, I don't want to get in a habit of it. I like doing this, after all, and there seem to be a fair number of people who like reading my reviews and other detritus. Everyone's happier if I don't start slacking!

    But yeah, we'll see how it goes. Incidentally, it occurs to me after reading your comments that, in my attempt to respect my mom's privacy, I may have been a little to vague about the situation. Rest assured, everyone's fine, it's just that she has to have some ankle surgeries, with the ironic side effect of leaving her mostly immobile for a bit. I'll clarify up top--I'm not trying to be melodramatic.