What's the deal with this site?

One Man's Pony Ramblings is a blog by me, Chris.  It's mostly about fanfictions based on the Hasbro TV series, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

So, what do you post, exactly?

The bulk of posts are reviews of fanfics.  I've managed to read every 6-starred story on Equestria Daily, and have tried to provide in-depth yet spoiler-free reviews geared towards readers.  And now that that's done, I've moved on to other popular stories!  I post some other stuff too: general commentary on the show/the fandom, mostly.  As you might guess from the blog's title, it's pretty much whatever I'm thinking about.

Why 6-star and already-popular stories?  And why review at all?

The genesis for my idea of how I'd review the 6-star stories was this: not everyone likes the same kind of stories (shocking, I know).  Given just a two- or three-sentence description, it can be hard to decide whether or not a story is worth reading.  Since the 6-star stories (there are well over 100) are all supposed to be of pretty high quality, I thought it would be useful for someone to start providing reviews aimed at potential readers: reviews that talk about what kind of reader might or might not enjoy a particular story, and discuss its merits and a general outline without straying into spoiler territory.  Think of me as a ponyfic version of Rodger Ebert, here to help you decide what fanfiction to invest your reading time in.

Will you review [insert story here]?

Maybe.  If it's a completed, popular and/or highly-regarded story among the fandom, then I might review it as a Fandom Classic (the spiritual successor to the 6-Star Reviews, now that I'm done with those).

If it's not, I might still read it, if it catches my eye or someone recommends it to me.  In that case, I'll probably mention it in one of my Mini-Review posts.

In either case, if there's something you think I should read and talk about, send me an e-mail and suggest it!

I think you really missed the mark on [insert review here].

Sorry you feel that way.  This is an opinion-based blog, so odds are you'll find one or more things you disagree with me about if you read enough posts.  I try to be as objective as the subjective nature of reviewership permits, but if you really think I'm off-base with something, leave a comment and let me know.  Feedback is always appreciated.

How can I contact you?

If it's something related to a blog post, just drop it in the comments.  If you need to talk about something more personal/esoteric, or if you have a fanfic to recommend for review, you can e-mail me at madethisjusttopostponies@gmail.com