6-Star Reviews by Star Rating

If you're looking for a spreadsheet-style list of all 6-star fanfics and their review status (reviewed, incomplete and thus not reviewed, deleted from the internet), check this spreadsheet, courtesy of Bugs the Curm.

Reviews are listed from oldest to newest within each star category.  Links are to my reviews.

Memories of Those Friends Who've Gone Before Us, by WTFHIW
Tales, by George Pollock Jr.
Celestia's Teeth, by Abalidoth
It's a Dangerous Business, Going Out Your Door, by Jetfire
Ditzy Doo and the Blustery Day, by uSea
Fallout: Equestria, by Kkat
A Cup of Joe, by The Descendant
The Rummy Business of Old Blooey, by Cloud Wander
4 Conversations About 1 Thing, by Gofindnova

Bubbles, by Anonymous
Singing to the Moon, by uSea
Timelords and Terror, by Hephestus
Sunny Skies All Day Long, by PhantomFox
Forever, by Bobcat
The Truth About Pinkie Pie, by Batty Gloom
Tomorrow, by Jera
Getting Lucky, by Chicken Vortex
Tangled Up in Blues, by The Descendant
Vengeance and Fashion, by Tumbleweed
A Study in Rainbows / The Hound of Ponyville, by Thanqol
Sweet Apple Capers, by The RPGenius
Two Ponies, by Twilight Snarkle
The Old Stories, by Thanqol
Off the Edge of the Map, by Daetrin
It's Always Sunny in Fillydelphia, by Bobcat
Tonight I Shall Be Laughter, by Cloud Wander
My Faithful Student, by PhantomFox
Blueblood's Redemption, by Geldon
The Worst Bakers in Equestria, by Bob from Bottles
The Contest, by Cold in Gardez
The Best Night Ever, by Capn Chryssalid
Sparkle's Law, by AestheticB
Tilt, by Passport-Clean
Naked Singularity, by Cold in Gardez
My Little Denarians, by Chengar Qordath
For Those We Left Behind, by Drakmire
Bringing Up Blueblood, by InsertAuthorHere
Pony Psychology Series, by Saddlesoap Opera
The Immortal Game, by AestheticB
Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons, by Somber

Junior Speedsters Forever!, by Pacce
Chasing Rainbows, by Phoe
A Summer Twilight, by Larathin Bradely
Catching Rainbows, by Phoe
Rainbows and Sunsets, by Sagebrush
Jack and the Ponies, by Moabite
Storm, by Kits
Twilight October, by uSea
Beyond Forever, by Bobcat
The Purple Menace(s), by uSea
The Misted Stage, by Raz_Fox
Friendship Is..., by Cascore
Creeping Darkness, by Pen Stroke
Carousel, by Vanner
Nocturne, by CupcakesNom
Thunder and Lightning, by Avery Strange
Dreams of Midnight, by EsperDerek
Half the Day is Night, by AugieDog
Kindness's Reward, by Avery Strange
The Vinyl Scratch Tapes (First Season), by Corey W. Williams
What Do You Do With a Drunken Unicorn?, by Tumbleweed
A Day for Spike and Twilight, by Jetfire
The Sock Swap, by ProBono
Blueblood Returns, by Geldon
Solar Flare, by Dragryphon
Silent Ponyville II, by Jake Heritagu
Progress (Early Chapters), by Andrew Joshua Talon
Ponies Play D&D, by Lucres
Fluttershy's Poem / Pinkie Pie's Lullaby, by Aquarian Poet
The Birds and the Bees, by theworstwriter
The Silent Shore, by The Descendant
Forever!, by Chengar Qordath
The Hiccups, by uSea
Interview With a Princess, by Hoopy McGee
The Promises We Keep, by Pascoite
Yours Truly, by Thanqol
Eternal, by Device Heretic
Trains, Carriages and Airships, by John Perry
Shipping Goggles, by AbsoluteAnonymous
My Little Alicorn, by InsertAuthorHere
Sword, Hammer, Stallion, by Redsquirrel456
Tiny Wings, by DeadParrot222
The Moonstone Cup, by Cyanide
Our First Steps, by Mrakoplaz
The Somewhere Cycle, Volume 1: "Wander and Green Brier," by The Descendant
Background Pony, by shortskirtsandexplosions
The Vinyl Scratch Tapes (Season 2), by Corey W. Williams
Heart of Gold, Feathers of Steel, by NickNack
Secrets and Lies, by Saddlesoap Opera
Summer Days and Evening Flames, by Nicknack
Dresden Gets Schooled, by Chengar Qordath

Ponies Discover /co/, by Slywit
Memorial, by Buxton
Constellations, by RPGenius
The Circle of Friends, by Kiyyik
Twilight Sky Over Canterlot, by Foxxy
Better Living Through Science and Ponies, by Penstroke and Batty Gloom
Ah Ain't Got No Ack-cent!, by Conner Cogwork
Crimps and Prance, by Conner Cogwork
Luna's Excellent Adventure, by Blueshift
Simply Rarity, by Somber
Shaman, by TheMechanic
Out in the Cold, by EsperDerek
Black and White, by Melionos
Feedback, by Kegisak
Number 12, by Squeak
The Thessalonica Legacy, by Dashukta
The Dread Chitin, by Carazor
Macintosh, by TotalOverflow
Semper Fidelis, by Bobcat
Eso Si Que Es, by WTFHIW
Past Sins, by Penstroke
The Blueblood Conspiracy, by Geldon
On a Cross and Arrow, by Conner Cogwork
Moonspire Run, by TitanRising
Silent Ponyville, by Jake Heritagu
Raiders of the Cutie Mark, by DJLowrider
Progress (Later Chapters), by Andrew Joshua Talon
Moonbeam, by Laurence Brown
Mines of Dragon Mountain, by Hephestus
Rest Stop, by John Perry
It Takes a Village, by determamfidd
Reading Rainbow, by Corejo
An Old Guardspony's Last Duty, by BuffaloBrony
Daring Do and the Shiny Crystal, by Unlucky Roll
Daring Do and the Curse of the Lost Tomb, by Fedora
Anthropology, by JasonTheHuman
Transcendence, by Corejo
Silent Ponyville 3, by Jake Heritagu
Icarus, by Tamar
The Steadfast Sky, by The Grey Potter

Today, Tomorrow, and Forever, by Chopper's Top Hat
Party of None, by Sparkler and Quill
The Logical Option, by ADriftingThought
Spark, by Avery Strange
Changing Octaves, by Pen Stroke
Shades of Midnight, by Phoe
Cries in the Autumn Wind, by Sunset Rose
Moonlight Over Midnight, by EsperDerek
Dinky Doo's Father Revealed, by Roy G Biv
Common Sky, by Syrinkitty
Stargate: Equestria, by Bosstone
The Light in the Darkness, by zaptiftun
Utter Madness/Happy/Burlap, by Lawnpygmy
My Little Dashie, by ROBCakeran53
Derpy's Bebop, by TrelaTyraelis
6 Angry Mares, by Jelly
Pony for Christmas, by Brookwood Bronco
Brotherly Bond, by Crash Jet
Allegrezza, by Coffeegrunt
Postal Blues and Grey Feathers, by The_EE
Hold the Line: Tales from Magic Kindergarten, by Wodashin
Substitute Harmony, by Blayze Kohime
Shipping and Handling, by Pegasus Rescue Brigade
A Colt's Best Friend, by Mister Clacky
Daring Do and the Ivory Idol, by Fedora
Frigid Winds and Burning Hearts, by The Grey Prophet
The Pony of the Opera, by Miyajima
Antipodes, by PK
The Vagabond, by Truthseeker


Fair Feather Friend, by Bobcat (incomplete, so star-rated N/A)
The Purloined Pony Part One/Part Two, by Chris (guest-reviewed--average rating of four stars between six reviewers)
Trouble Comes in Threes, by Slowpoke (incomplete, so star-rated N/A)